We won’t make any bones about it – there are 3 important body parts needed for HIV Testing!  Let’s break ’em down for ya:

  • Mouth:  The Pie-Hole, Kisser, Gabber or Face Hole – whatever you wanna call it, the OraQuick At-Home Rapid HIV Test Kit uses a quick and easy oral swab to effectively test for HIV Antibodies in just 20 minutes!  These tests retail for about $45 in your local pharmacy, but you can order one FREE from The Action Center.
  • Finger:  Just the tip!  Most Rapid HIV Tests you’ll find at clinics, labs and even outreach testing are going to use just a few drops of blood from a Fingerstick!  These tests are highly accurate, and “The Determine” HIV Test used aboard The Chariot can detect HIV in as little as 18 days after exposure.  Make an appointment on The Chariot today!
  • Inside Elbow:  That sweet little tender spot isn’t just for kissing, but under the skin, there’s a vein that is just perfect for drawing blood for an HIV test.  If you get tested with your primary care provider, they’ll likely go this route to get you tested so they can also test for other things using the same tube of blood – like Syphilis or other diseases.

Get your FREE At-Home HIV Test delivered right to your door from The Action Center when you order this week’s Mail-Order-Brief!  Also, if you’re in Maricopa County, book an appointment aboard “The Chariot” from The Chariot’s Home Page.