Condom of the Week:
myONE Perfect Fit

RippleBrief:  May 18, 2020

What if we were to tell you there was a condom made to fit your eggplant perfectly?  No more pinching, slipping, squeezing, and bunching?  What if there was a condom made just for you?

Well, there is!  It’s called the myONE Perfect Fit from ONE Condoms.

How big is your banana? We have a custom condom to suit. - YouTube

We know penises come in all different shapes and sizes – from baby carrots to eggplant-sized monsters.  ONE Condoms has created a really cool line of 60 different sized condoms to help you get your Perfect Fit specifically made for the tool you’re packin.

The process starts with your rock-hard member and a special measuring tool you can download and print from ONE’s website.  Measure your member and then enter your super-secret letter & number code into their system.  That’s now your size code and you can order your Perfect Fit!  You can even order a sample pack that will include sizes close to your size just in case you may have mis-measured a bit.

What we like about ONE’s system is it’s not all about the size numbers we see in dating apps and the feelings people may have around size (we see you, Size Queens).  They really put the emphasis on finding a condom that actually fits.  And when it fits – like REALLY fits the way these do – you’re going to feel more confident and on top of your game no matter the size!!

You won’t find these in stores, so make sure you order enough to stock your night-stand – or subscribe to get continual mailings!

Our friends at ONE Condoms have sent us Penis Measuring Kits along with some really cool metal cases to give away in this week’s Mail-Order-Briefs!!  The first 50 people to sign-up for the Briefs-by-Mail between Midnight, May 25, 2020 -to- 11:59 pm on May 28, 2020 will get the measuring kit and ONE condom storage tin!  We’ll also include 4 condoms that range in sizes so you can find a local solution that we can fill you up with for FREE in a pinch!



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