If you’re living with HIV and in treatment, the medication you take every day can help your virus become “undetectable” so that you can live a long, healthy life.  But it’s important to take that medication every day without large gaps in treatment.

Even if you only miss a few doses of your treatment, you can increase your risk for developing HIV drug resistance, which means that your current medication may stop working and other medications that may work for you may become limited. It can also mean that the drug resistance can be passed to others.

If you struggle to find a routine, take the time to try and commit to finding something that will work for you like pill boxes, reminders, alarms, emails, family, friends, etc.  If you ever find yourself in a position where you feel that you can’t access treatment (loss of employment, insurance, etc) – please reach out to us or any other HIV organization in your area immediately!  There are programs that can help ensure you’re able to maintain treatment and we’re happy to help!  Email us today at hello@ripplephx.org .