From the RipplePHX Inbox: “My At-Home HIV Test Result was negative. Now what?”

If you’ve recently used one of our Free At-Home HIV Test Kits, and your result was negative, it’s a great time to think about how to stay negative. Condoms, PrEP, or sex with an Undetectable person are all great ways to reduce your risk of HIV while remaining sexually active. Take some time to think about what works best in your life and choose at least one option that realistically works for you! There’s no right or wrong, and you don’t have to adopt them all, but finding at least one option and sticking with it can help you significantly reduce the risk of HIV in your life.

Update your status by ordering a Free, At-Home HIV Test Kit in this week’s Mail-Order-Briefs!  Fill out the form on this page to order yours today! Next week, we’ll answer your questions about what to do if your result is positive. Stay Tuned!