A peek inside one single guy’s sex life & fantasies in Phoenix.

What is the sexy part of sex to you? Kissing the person on their neck? Feeling their hard, throbbing objects? Or the face they make during their climax?

For me, there are couple sexy parts. If the guy looks like Chris Evans, then he can rip open a ONE Vanish condom (my fav) with his thick juicy lips for me to put it on his saber. But if he looks like Chris Pine, I’m wrapping that wood in ONE 576 Sensations for something a little rougher while I’m pulling my nails on his big muscular chest.  And what if I’m with Chris Pratt’s look-a-like??  I’ll spice it up with a Glow-in-the-Dark condom, and let him enter my galaxy with his infinity star. Of course, for Thor, mister Chris Hemsworth himself, I’d be grabbing his beautiful hair, while he sticks his million-volt-thunder-bolt without any protection, coz I am on this amazing blue pill called Truvada…and he’s my favorite.

Everyone should have sex in anyway they want; anal, oral, or vaginal if you have one of those. But you never have to change your status to positive because of that one night you were drunk or that one night you wanted to please some hot-ass skater you met at a straight bar. Ten or 20 years ago, there were very few options for preventing HIV – putting us at a crazy-high risk. Now, we have a whole candy store of rubber options, from colors to flavors, small to extra large, studded to tatted, ones that glow-in-the-dark, and even one that’s so thin he wont even feel.  If none of those are your things, there is this beautiful blue pill called Truvada (for pre-exposure prophylaxis: Prep).

Let me tell you my experience.  When someone asks me if I am a top or bottom, I say, “I can do both, but my strengths lie in my back pocket.” I know being a bottom pushes me into the high-risk spectrum of contacting HIV. I always use rubber before he puts that flute to work.  But, it changed when I was out of town, alone, drunk, and found someone who said he is undetectable. Next thing I know, I was waking up in his bed with a really bad hangover. I know U=U, but how can be I confident he is undetectable as a random hookup?

So, I come back home with all kinds of doubts, fear, and guilt – guilt for not using a condom, not because I went home with undetectable guy. I went to get tested a few times and came to know I did not contract HIV. Then, I had only one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about; I need to get on PrEP. Now, I take a pill every single day at 10 pm. I have no side effects, nothing feels different to me out of my regular life. And I’m ready for that day Chris Hemsworth comes knockin’ at my back door.

You may be wondering why I’m still using rubber and missing out on that amazing bareback feeling. For me, it’s because PrEP can reduce your risk of contracting HIV by 99%, but it doesn’t protect you from the burning irritation caused by gonorrhea or those ugly sores caused by syphilis. So, you still need that shiny latex (or non-latex) wrap around that magic wand. Even if you don’t like using condoms, give ’em a try at least one more time to see how buffet of today’s condoms can spice up your sex saga.

So, don-cha wish your trick was using condoms like me? Don-cha wish your boyfriend was on PrEP like me? Don-cha?


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