Snugger, Standard & Supersized – Oh My!

This week, we debuted an all-new, 360 degree video series called What the Ripple?! where we featured four amazing people from our Phoenix Community, racing to roll a condom down a beer can.  We know it’s important to find the right size condom for comfort – but what happens when a condom is stretched too far on it’s trip to Pound Town?

While all condoms are tested for safety and regulated through the FDA, a condom that doesn’t fit can cause slippage, breakage and the feeling of being strangled – and we’ve got two great ways to help!

Do a Quick-Measure

It may not be the thing that gets your soldier perky, but get hard and slide your dick inside an empty toilet tissue roll.

  • If there’s a lot of room in the roll, you’ll a snugger fit condom.
  • If your dick fits comfortably in the roll, a standard fit condom should do the trick.
  • If your monster won’t fit inside the roll, it’s time to upgrade to a larger size.

It’s a simple measurement that can also help you troubleshoot problems like condom breakage and slippage.  If you pick up the extra large condoms to try to claim eggplant street cred, but you’re really rockin’ a banana in your pants – there’s a serious risk for slippage.  A condom that slips can spill cum all inside your partners hole, or come completely off inside – which is quite an adventurous scavenger hunt down-under.  Conversely, if you have a monster cock, and you try to stuff it inside a standard or snugger fit, it may survive the roll-down, but may not survive the trip to Pound-Town.

Measure for a Perfect Fit

ONE Condoms – the makers of some of your favorites like Tattoo Touch, Vanish, Flavorwaves, and Glowing Pleasures has an all-new solution built for everyone:  The My ONE Perfect Fit!

In the fall of 2017, ONE Condoms introduced 60 perfect-fit condom sizes that includes sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available in the U.S. market, marking a historic shift in the range of condoms that are cleared by the FDA.  Measure your dong with their print-at-home measuring guide, and order YOUR fit.  Here’s how it works!

  • Go to the My ONE Perfect Fit website and print the at-home measuring guide.  You can also measure on your own and enter your measurements on this page…but follow their measurement instructions instead of your usual Grindr measurements.
  • Get yourself hard and measure both your length and girth with either their at-home measuring guide or measuring tape.
  • Enter your measurements on this page and get your size suggestion!
  • Order a sampler pack (that includes your size and one size larger and one size smaller), or dive in and place an order for your size!  You can even create a subscription to have them sent to you automatically!

If you order the sampler kit and then order your Perfect FIt, it may take a little bit of mail-order-time to get set up, but once you find a rubber that fits like a glove – you’ll be glad you made the investment!

Don’t be a size queen

There’s a lot of chatter about size out there – but to avoid slippage, breakage, and feeling strangled, it’s super-important to get something that’s going to fit really well without the ridiculous urge to impress the drugstore cashier.  The cool points you thought you received when you slapped that box of big-boys on the counter are going to be totally lost when you’re fishing that saggy-bag out of your hook-up’s ass half-way through.  If you keep having issues with breakage, see if your dick will fit inside a toilet paper tube roll.  If the only way you can get it in there is to risk a paper-cut (which would be HORRIBLE!), you probably need to stick to the larger fits!