PrEP is the one-pill-a-day you can take to prevent HIV.  When the medication was approved for use as PrEP in 2012, slut-shaming was almost out of control for people who were early users.  Either you were already a whore, or the medication was going to give people a free pass to become a whore.  But the thing is, having multiple partners, hook-up apps, open relationships, bareback sex, lack of sex-ed in school are all pretty normal for gay, bi and trans people.  Not everyone fits into that mold, but it’s definitely common.  And it’s also true that gay, bi and trans people are more likely to contract HIV than other people.

We’ve known for years that messages about abstinence don’t work.  Telling a person to have fewer partners, wear a condom or have safer sex had limited impact.  So a medication that meets so many of us where we’re at – sexually….what’s wrong with that?


And there shouldn’t be any kind of shame around it.  If you’re active, have multiple partners, have a partner living with HIV, don’t use condoms or check any of the other boxes that may put you at risk for HIV, PrEP is an incredible tool to protect you from HIV in a way that’s realistic for YOU.  The decision to us PrEP is yours – and nobody else’s.  It allows you to balance the risks you (and MANY people) have already while minimizing your exposure to HIV.

Take a deep look at the risks you have through an objective lens, and choose an option like condoms or PrEP to minimize your exposure that works for you.