1. Mango Health

The FREE app allows you to manage your medications and create healthy habits. Mango Health features a schedule for creating reminders, drug interaction warnings, refill alerts, and a diary. We love the look of this app – it’s bright, cheery, and makes your daily medication routine absolutely perky!

2. My-Meds

My-Meds is basic-blue, but seems to have a strong foundation. This app can send you daily medication and refill reminders (text, email, and push notification depending on your preference), help you understand the reasons for taking your medications, keeps your healthcare team and loved ones up-to-date on what medications you’re taking, analyzes your medication usage history, finds you the best price for prescriptions near you, and gets you the info you need to know about your medications and their side effects.

3. Every Dose, Every Day

It’s pretty bad-ass that the CDC got into the app market! And they did a bang-up job!  The Every Dose Every Day app is a reminder in itself of the path to undetectable, and it’s got some bells and whistles specifically around HIV. The app allows you to set up medication reminders easily, and keep track of your appointments, laboratory results, and refills.

4. Medisafe

Medisafe is an app that hopes to promote medication adherence and keep patients involved in their own care. The app also helps you discover more about food and drug interactions, and there’s a playful side to this offering too! How about setting your alert tones so Darth Vader or Austin Powers tells you when to take your meds? Yeah, baby.