Imagine going about your daily life, living it how you always had, having sex like you always had….and suddenly, you’re facing death from an unknown virus.  The virus (or “gay cancer” as it was initially called) was spreading like crazy, there was no test for it, no cure for it, no treatment for it, communities turning their backs on gays, and friend-after-friend was dying every week.  All linked to sex – something that used to symbolize love, closeness, and pleasure – now symbolizing poison.  Sex with another man soon became something to fear, and gay sex was sentenced indefinitely to a life of condoms.

There’s an entire generation of LGBTQ+ individuals who have never known sexual freedom without some level of fear or awareness about HIV.  But PrEP has opened a new door for an entirely new generation.  PrEP, the one-pill-a-day you can take to prevent HIV, is 99% effective when taken daily and is becoming more and more widely accessed each year.  From people living in a relationship with a person living with HIV to someone who has unprotected sex with multiple partners, PrEP can put you in the drivers’ seat to have sex….without fear.  Finally.

As we approach Dia de los Muertos, celebrate the “death” of sex-to-be-feared, and welcome in an incredible tool that can liberate the sex and closeness you want and deserve to have.  If you’re interested in PrEP, the first step is a negative HIV Test.  Book an appointment aboard The Chariot for a FREE Rapid HIV Test where you can talk with a PrEP Navigator from Spectrum Medical to determine if PrEP is a good solution for you.