Pandas walk around all day balancing their black and white cuteness.  Why aren’t condoms more balanced when it comes to color?  We know they come in a wide array of colors, but have you seen black condoms?  They’re almost as rare as pandas!

Well, get ready for this week’s Condom-of-the-Week, the Black Tuxedo Condom by Lifestyle Condoms!  The majority of “standard” condoms aren’t completely clear, and can sometimes remind us of burglars who squish their faces with panty hose to disguise their identities.  Colored condoms can lighten the mood or help you express some flair.  Glow-in-the-Dark condoms can really spice things up.  But black condoms?  Get ready for BEAST MODE!  These bad-ass condoms can help you balance out those standard, milky sleeves with a condom that looks fierce going down, and sleek going in!

Get 8, Black Tuxedo Condoms in this week’s Free Mail-Order-Brief!  If you like them, we’ll have them available in our Top-Up Condom offerings for you to stock-up on next week!  Order this week’s Mail-Order-Brief now by visiting the Action Center and placing your order today!