One way you can make your ripple and reduce the spread of HIV in our community is to reduce your number of partners.  Just throttling that number down can make a huge impact – not only for how may partners you may be exposed to if you’re not living with HIV – or how many partners may be exposed if you’re living with HIV, but don’t know it and aren’t in treatment.  But we know the thirst can be real – and you don’t have to go without!

In this week’s Mail-Order-Brief, you’ll receive a TENGA Egg Stroker!  Inside each super-stretchable elastomer egg, you’ll find a variety of toe-curling textures designed for maximum pleasure.  Fill the egg with the included lube packet or your favorite lube, and slide it on your Pleasure-Pump and start tugging!  If you’re a trans guy and have an innie instead of an outie, this is made for you too!  Just flip the egg inside out, put it on your hand, lube it up, and use it like a Pleasure Mitt!  They’re advertised as “disposable stroker”, but depending on your size, how hard you tug and all that good stuff, if you clean and take good care of it, you should be able to get multiple uses!

We’ll be offering 6-packs of these TENGA Egg Strokers soon to help raise money for the work we do, but this week’s on us for you to give it a try!  We hope you love it!