HIV is a serious health condition, and it’s important for people living with HIV to pay special attention to their emotional well-being.  HIV stigma due to hoards of misinformation about the virus have a big emotional impact, resulting in higher rates of mental health matters than those seen in people who aren’t living with HIV.

Life involves emotional stresses and strains. Being diagnosed with HIV, and living with it, will at times cause such stresses, and some aspects of your life will become more complicated – and possibly stressful – because of HIV.  It’s important to keep an eye out for stressors when they pop up, and talking with friends, a loved one or another person living with HIV can be a big help.  Also keep on eye on the basics like sleep, eating properly, work/life balance, etc to provide a solid foundation for your emotional wellbeing.  And if you’re having trouble understanding or working through your thoughts or feelings, seek help from a pro!  There’s no shame in talking with a counselor or therapist – find one to help you work through things and toward a happier and well-balanced you!