That moment when you find The One that fits like no other.

No two dicks are alike – Thank God! And while we’re often taught how to put on a condom, the importance of finding the right fit doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  Finding a condom that not only fits your member, but also the way you have sex is crazy-important!

The first time I stood in a drug store, trembling while choosing my first box of condoms, there were really only three choices: regular, large, or lamb skin.  The fancy drug stores might have had ribbed if you were lucky and wanted to impress your date.

Today – we’re filled with choices! And it’s a great time to snap out of the mindset that condoms are one-size-fits-all. Manufacturers finally realize there’s money to be made by making condoms that actually fit and feel great – giving you more customized options for the sex you like to have and whatever you’re packin. gives detailed instructions for determining your condom size based on a handy little formula that gives you a way to use your empty toilet paper tube in a way that you won’t find on Pinterest. Sites like Undercover Condom Club will send you a mystery-pack each month of condoms based on your preferences.  And ONE Condoms really did their homework, and has created the myONE Perfect Fit line of condoms – with a print-at-home measuring guide and 60 different sizes to fit a wide array of lengths and girths. Days of the strangled one-eyed-monster are gone!And then, we enter in the world of colors, flavors, shapes, and textures….oh my! Beyond the “Ribbed, for her pleasure” condoms, you can now unroll 576 pleasure-focused studs down your willy – or unleash the ONE Tattoo Touch condom, a glossy-black condom with a textured tribal pattern that makes you feel – and look – like a BEAST!

You’ve got some amazing party-hat options for your eggplants, bananas, and sweet baby carrots – and if you feel like you have the wrong fit, are getting bored with your routine, or if you’ve given up on condoms all together, it’s time to find your fit! You know that swish in your step when your jeans are hitting you just right?  Just think what kind of mojo you’ll have when your pork-sword is wrapped just how you like it!  So, do some shopping online, or stock up with a variety to try out from our Condom POD next time we’re out!