36 years ago, a virus struck the world that didn’t have a name, but in the US, it seemed to occur most often among gay men – HIV.  HIV was even initially called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency).  The virus was first identified by French and American scientists, and once it was identified – then – work could begin to develop a test to detect it.  The first tests were blood tests that took several weeks to receive the result, and over the course of 36 years, have developed into tests that can detect HIV in as little as 1 minute with just a few drops of blood.  Even more exciting – especially those squeamish about blood or needles – is the OraQuick At-Home HIV Test Kit that only uses a quick oral swab across your gums.  Without a cure for HIV, Testing is an important tool in our toolbox to reduce the spread of the virus throughout our community.  A person who knows their status and is living with HIV can access treatment – which will ensure a long, healthy life for that person AND also puts the virus at undetectable levels that makes it impossible to be transmitted to other sexual partners.

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