Inside this week’s FREE Mail-Order-Brief:  “Balanced Panda”

Election season has been especially stressful for a lot of folks, so we put together a brief this week that’s all about cuddly pandas and balance. Pandas symbolize the ability to find a balanced path in life. They can symbolize peace, good luck, and the difference a positive outlook can make. The panda spirit animal is a totem that can also represent great pleasures!  Who doesn’t like all that? Inside this week’s Mail-Order-Brief, you’ll find:

  • 8 Black Tuxedo Condoms
  • 4 Astroglide X Samples
  • Panda Pen
  • Bamboo Forrest Activity
  • Sweet Treat of the Week: Black Cherry Chews
  • Panda Face Keychain
  • Chance to win a Sequin Panda with Rainbow Poms Lunchbox!

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Everyone who orders a Mail-Order-Brief will be automatically entered into the drawing for the Sequin Panda Lunchbox!  Drawing will be held at 10 am (Phoenix time) on Friday, November, 13th.