So many people forget to pinch the tip. Here’s why you don’t want to miss this step.

It gets easy to miss a step or two when putting a condom on your Mr. Stiffy in the heat of the moment. But here’s one step you don’t want to miss: pinching the tip before rolling it down.

Condoms are thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested with one basic thing in mind – to maintain a barrier between your parts during sex. This prevents the top from being exposed to things like HIV, Syphillis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and other STIs from the bottom partner during sex, but also prevents the top’s jizz from exposing his bottom partner to the same. And the reservoir tip you see at the tip of your condom has a very intentional function: to prevent your load from blasting through the end like a geyser.

When you put on a condom that fits snugly around the base as it should, you’ve essentially stretched, filled, and tied off a balloon – with some eggplants filling that balloon more than others. Imagine a marble-sized air bubble being pushed vigorously around as you thrust in and out repeatedly.  It causes added stress on the condom that can cause breakage during sex like popping a piece of bubble wrap.

And then, there’s your moment of glory! When you cum, you’re adding even more volume and content into that air bubble, causing it to expand even more as you flood the condom with your man-juice.  And it doesn’t always just drizzle out.  Men’s Health Magazine reports that the average male ejaculation fires out of your love stick faster than driving through a school zone: a whopping 28 MPH.  And we know some guys can shoot with some major volume, distance and vigor – putting a lot of stress on the condom during one of its most critical moments.

By pinching the tip, you’re preventing an air bubble from stressing the condom out during sex, and giving you plenty of room for your creamy river to flow freely.