We know what it’s like to get in the heat of the moment with a hot guy, and for whatever reason decide not to use a condom when boning or getting boned.  You’re not alone and you’re not irresponsible person.  You’re human.  But if you’re HIV-negative, it may be time for a reality-check to maintain your negative status.

Let’s face it – sometimes, we get stupid in the heat of the moment.  We don’t think clearly, don’t want him to leave, don’t want to disappoint him, want to recreate that hot porn you just stroked to, or you may be impaired by drugs or alcohol.  But you can’t keep hiding behind those reasons – HIV is still present – and while you may have been lucky one – or even 100 times, you luck may run out.

PrEP is one pill you can take every day to prevent HIV.  What we love, is it takes “the heat of the moment” out of the equation and you can make PrEP part of your daily routine when you are thinking clearly.  Learn more about PrEP and be confident walking into your next hookup that you’re ready and protected for whatever may pop up by visiting our PrEP POD page today!