Inside this week’s FREE Mail-Order-Brief:  “Bag-Of-Bones” 

Are you ready for Halloween?!  This is the last brief that will arrive before Halloween, so we wanna help you get all ready for whatever kind of bones you’ll be lickin-or-stickin’ with this week’s Mail-Order-Brief: “Bag-of-Bones”.  Inside, you’ll find:

  • 8 ONE Glowing Pleaure Condoms
  • 4 Astroglide X Samples
  • Bone Ballpoint Pen
  • Boneyard Halloween Activity
  • Sweet Treat of the Week: Gummy Body Part Candies
  • RipplePHX Iridescent Drawstring Bag for your Treats

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CONDOM OF THE WEEK:  ONE Glowing Pleasures


Find that bone – even in the dark – with this week’s Condom-of-the-Week: Glowing Pleasures by ONE Condoms.  Charge the Glowing Pleasure Condom in light for 30 seconds, roll it down and watch that bone come to life!  Then hide the bone, find the bone, hide the bone, find the bone….you get the idea!

Get 8, Glowing Pleasure Condoms by ONE Condoms in this week’s Free Mail-Order-Brief!  If you like them, we’ll have them available in our Top-Up Condom offerings for you to stock-up on next week!  Order this week’s Mail-Order-Brief now by visiting the Action Center and placing your order today!



We know what it’s like to get in the heat of the moment with a hot guy, and for whatever reason decide not to use a condom when boning or getting boned.  You’re not alone and you’re not irresponsible person.  You’re human.  But if you’re HIV-negative, it may be time for a reality-check to maintain your negative status.

Let’s face it – sometimes, we get stupid in the heat of the moment.  We don’t think clearly, don’t want him to leave, don’t want to disappoint him, want to recreate that hot porn you just stroked to, or you may be impaired by drugs or alcohol.  But you can’t keep hiding behind those reasons – HIV is still present – and while you may have been lucky one – or even 100 times, your luck may run out. PrEP is one pill you can take every day to prevent HIV.  What we love, is it takes “the heat of the moment” out of the equation and you can make PrEP part of your daily routine when you are thinking clearly.

Learn more about PrEP and be confident walking into your next hookup that you’re ready and protected for whatever may pop up by visiting our PrEP POD page today!

Living with HIV AND Bone Density Loss


Studies have show that people living with HIV may have reduced bone density; either from the virus itself or from the medications used to treat them.  But, all is not lost!  Harvard has put out a list of things you can to do to boost your bone-health:

  1. Monitor your diet. Get enough calcium and vitamin D, ideally through the foods you eat. Although dairy products may be the richest sources of calcium, a growing number of foods, such as orange juice, are calcium-fortified. Fruits, vegetables, and grains provide other minerals crucial to bone health, such as magnesium and phosphorus.
  2. Maintain a reasonable weight. This is particularly important for women. Menstrual periods often stop in women who are underweight — due to a poor diet or excessive exercise — and that usually means that estrogen levels are too low to support bone growth.
  3. Don’t smoke and limit alcohol intake. Smoking and too much alcohol both decrease bone mass.
  4. Make sure your workouts include weight-bearing exercises. Regular weight-bearing exercise like walking, dancing, or step aerobics can protect your bones. Also include strength training as part of your exercise routine.
  5. Talk with your doctor about your risk factors. Certain medical conditions (like celiac disease) and some medications (steroids and others) can increase the chances that you will develop osteoporosis. It’s important to talk with your doctor to develop a prevention strategy that accounts for these factors.

Learn more about U=U here, and share the article out with your communities.  We all have ripples we can make to reduce the impact of HIV in all of our lives, regardless of status.



We won’t make any bones about it – there are 3 important body parts needed for HIV Testing!  Let’s break ’em down for ya:

  • Mouth:  The Pie-Hole, Kisser, Gabber or Face Hole – whatever you wanna call it, the OraQuick At-Home Rapid HIV Test Kit uses a quick and easy oral swab to effectively test for HIV Antibodies in just 20 minutes!  These tests retail for about $45 in your local pharmacy, but you can order one FREE from The Action Center.
  • Finger:  Just the tip!  Most Rapid HIV Tests you’ll find at clinics, labs and even outreach testing are going to use just a few drops of blood from a Fingerstick!  These tests are highly accurate, and “The Determine” HIV Test used aboard The Chariot can detect HIV in as little as 18 days after exposure.  Make an appointment on The Chariot today!
  • Inside Elbow:  That sweet little tender spot isn’t just for kissing, but under the skin, there’s a vein that is just perfect for drawing blood for an HIV test.  If you get tested with your primary care provider, they’ll likely go this route to get you tested so they can also test for other things using the same tube of blood – like Syphilis or other diseases.

Get your FREE At-Home HIV Test delivered right to your door from The Action Center when you order this week’s Mail-Order-Brief!  Also, if you’re in Maricopa County, book an appointment aboard “The Chariot” from The Chariot’s Home Page.



Tired of the waits or COVID risks, but need to keep up with your HIV Testing routine? Or do you need to test on the weekends when other clinics are closed? Say hello to RipplePHX’s all-new Chariot!  We’ve partnered-up with the incredible team from Spectrum Medical and Gilead Sciences to bring you a mobile HIV testing experience – right to your door!

Each week, we’ll rotate between the East, West, North and South Valley to bring you 3 days of one-on-one, HIV Testing right to your home or office!  Book an appointment aboard The Chariot and we’ll pull right up to your home (or meet you in the parking lot of a nearby business if you prefer) where you can climb on board, get a FREE Rapid HIV Test by a member of Spectrum Medical’s team who can also help you get set up with PrEP or HIV Treatment based on your test results!

Watch the Action Center as we open up our online appointment scheduler this week along with more details about the Chariot and her on-board services!  The Chariot will be available for appointments in 3-hour time blocks in designated zip codes from 9am – 6pm Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.  Masks required and temperature checks will be conducted.  Wheelchair Accessible.  Habla español.

More details coming soon!


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