Inside this week’s FREE Mail-Order-Brief:  “Día de los Muertos”

Do you know all about Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead Celebrations?  Happening on November 1st and 2nd, Día de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday to celebrate friends and family members who have died and to welcome visits from those souls to hear the prayers and comments.  For this week’s RippleBriefs, we’re celebrating the lives of so many who have died from HIV or have left their marks and legacies in hopes that we have learned from their deaths and are utilizing advancements to ensure AIDS-related deaths stop with each of us.  Inside, you’ll find:

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  • Día de los Muertos Activity
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So….it’s not an actual tattoo for your penis, but you’re definitely gonna leave your legacy if you use these right!  This week’s Condom-of-the-Week is the ONE Tattoo Touch Condom.  They come in 3 great colors with raised tribal tattoo designs up and down the shaft to give a texture both the top and bottom will remember.  The Tattoo Touch also has a flared head and flared base for a unique and comfortable fit.

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Imagine going about your daily life, living it how you always had, having sex like you always had….and suddenly, you’re facing death from an unknown virus.  The virus (or “gay cancer” as it was initially called) was spreading like crazy, there was no test for it, no cure for it, no treatment for it, communities turning their backs on gays, and friend-after-friend was dying every week.  All linked to sex – something that used to symbolize love, closeness, and pleasure – now symbolizing poison.  Sex with another man soon became something to fear, and gay sex was sentenced indefinitely to a life of condoms.

There’s an entire generation of LGBTQ+ individuals who have never known sexual freedom without some level of fear or awareness about HIV.  But PrEP has opened a new door for an entirely new generation.  PrEP, the one-pill-a-day you can take to prevent HIV, is 99% effective when taken daily and is becoming more and more widely accessed each year.  From people living in a relationship with a person living with HIV to someone who has unprotected sex with multiple partners, PrEP can put you in the drivers’ seat to have sex….without fear.  Finally.

As we approach Dia de los Muertos, celebrate the “death” of sex-to-be-feared, and welcome in an incredible tool that can liberate the sex and closeness you want and deserve to have.  If you’re interested in PrEP, the first step is a negative HIV Test.  Book an appointment aboard The Chariot for a FREE Rapid HIV Test where you can talk with a PrEP Navigator from Spectrum Medical to determine if PrEP is a good solution for you.



Ryan White was an American teenager from Indiana, who became a national poster child for HIV/AIDS after failing to be re-admitted to school following a diagnosis of AIDS in 1984.  He became HIV-positive because of a blood transfusion during a time when people living with HIV were highly stigmatized because it was primarily affecting gay men.  Doctors explained that he could not transmit the virus to others, but people rejected education about HIV because of “who” it primarily affected, and he was refused re-entry into his school.  He became a national celebrity when he and his family fought back.

He won his appeals and eventually returned to school – where he faced bullying every day from students and uneducated educators.  He and his family moved to another town where Ryan White was greeted at school by students and administrators who had educated themselves on HIV, and were unafraid to shake his hand and welcome him to school.  He died, however, 1 month before his high school graduation in 1990.

His name is still spoken today through his legacy of the Ryan White CARE Act, passed in 1990 with 95 yeas to 3 nays after people like Anthony Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and even Elizabeth Taylor worked to pass legislation to ensure EVERYONE would have access to care – especially low-income, uninsured, and under-insured people affected by HIV/AIDS and their families.  That program is still in place today, and more important than ever during times like now when so many people have lost access to their insurance.

As we approach Dia de los Muertos, light a candle or add a memento to your alter to celebrate the life of Ryan White and the legacy he left behind.  If you’re living with HIV, and are not receiving treatment because you can’t afford it, are uninsured, under-insured or undocumented, celebrate the things Ryan White and his family fought so hard for by contacting the Ryan White Central Eligibility Office today to enroll in services.  They can help you access medical, prescription, behavioral health, nutrition, rent assistance, utility assistance, dental and more!  But you have to call:  602-212-3788.



HIV was identified in 1984 by French and American scientists, which allowed companies to begin development of a test for antibodies produced in response to the virus. The first test was approved for use on March 2, 1985.  However, at that time, American’s were terrified that the country’s blood supply was contaminated even though only a small percentage of the early infections had been traced back to transfusion, the government prioritized the testing of the country’s blood supply. By July of that year, America’s blood supply was being regularly tested and declared “free of AIDS”.

Testing then moved on to individuals, and it wasn’t until March of the following year – a full year later – that government had issued a recommendation that people in all “high-risk groups” undergo periodic testing to determine if they were infected with the virus.  However, people living with HIV were horribly stigmatized, and just getting a test was interpreted as a sign of belonging to a high-risk group (which included homosexual men, intravenous drug users and prostitutes, among others).  Public Health officials and local HIV agencies started anonymous testing to help increase testing without fear or your insurance, family or friends from finding out your status.  People arriving for testing would have blood drawn, and be given a reference code with a phone number to call back in 2 weeks (or more) for results.  Even with a test result, at that time, there was no effective treatment available.

Today, HIV still carries a powerful stigma.  However, tremendous strides have been made in the LGBTQ+ movement, sexual freedoms, normalization of testing, testing advances (including 1-minute rapid tests), and incredible advances in HIV treatment that can render the virus “undetectable” in a person where the virus can not be passed to another sexual partner.  Those are huge strides – HUGE.

As we approach Dia de los Muertos, remember, honor and celebrate the 700,000 people who have died from HIV/AIDS-related illnesses in the U.S. by getting an HIV Test.  Welcome and celebrate with those souls the tools we have available today, and utilize those tools so that AIDS-related deaths end with each of us.

Order a FREE At-Home HIV Test Kit from The Action Center today to test from the comfort of your home and get your results from a simple oral swab in 20 minutes.  Or, book an appointment aboard The Chariot and we’ll not only bring one-on-one, FREE Rapid HIV Testing to your doorstep, but we’ll also get you set up with HIV Treatment or PrEP to prevent HIV based on your test results while you’re aboard!



Tired of the waits or COVID risks, but need to keep up with your HIV Testing routine? Or do you need to test on the weekends when other clinics are closed? Say hello to RipplePHX’s all-new Chariot!  We’ve partnered-up with the incredible team from Spectrum Medical and Gilead Sciences to bring you a mobile HIV testing experience – right to your door!

Each week, we’ll rotate between the East, West, North and South Valley to bring you 3 days of one-on-one, HIV Testing right to your home or office!  Book an appointment aboard The Chariot and we’ll pull right up to your home (or meet you in the parking lot of a nearby business if you prefer) where you can climb on board, get a FREE Rapid HIV Test by a member of Spectrum Medical’s team who can also help you get set up with PrEP or HIV Treatment based on your test results!

Watch the Action Center as we open up our online appointment scheduler this week along with more details about the Chariot and her on-board services!  The Chariot will be available for appointments in 3-hour time blocks in designated zip codes from 9am – 6pm Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.  Masks required and temperature checks will be conducted.  Wheelchair Accessible.  Habla español.

More details coming soon!


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