This week is the week!  We’ve been working our tails-off to bring an all-new, mobile testing unit to our community!  The days of our Carnivals and other large-scale, in-person HIV Testing Events have been shelved by COVID.  But now, we’re able to bring one-on-one, HIV Testing directly to your front door (or a nearby business parking lot if you’d like).  Here’s a run-down of the different testing options available from RipplePHX (all FREE):

  • “The Determine” aboard The Chariot:  The Determine is a Rapid, 20-minute HIV test the only needs a few drops of blood from a fingerstick.  It’s the most advanced Rapid HIV Test out there, and can detect HIV antibodies and the P24 HIV Antigen.  The addition of the antigen to this test makes the window-period for HIV detection just 18-45 days from your last possible exposure.
  • “The INSTI” aboard The Chariot:  The INSTI is a pretty cool test to watch in-action, giving a result in a whopping 1 minute from only a few drops of blood.  While it’s 20 times faster, it also comes with a longer detection window-period at 21-84 days from your last possible exposure.
  • “OraQuick” At-Home Test:  The OraQuick was FDA approved to be self-administered at-home using a painless, oral swab.  You get the results in 20 minutes, but also comes with a slightly wider detection window at 21-90 days from your last possible exposure.

All the tests are highly accurate, but you have options to determine a test that’s right for you!  So what are you waiting for?!  Testing has never been easier!  Get your FREE At-Home HIV Test delivered right to your door from The Action Center when you order this week’s Mail-Order-Brief!  Also, if you’re in Maricopa County, book an appointment aboard “The Chariot” from The Action Center!