The Condom POD

For my next trick, I'll need a condom and a volunteer!

Condoms, Rose! Condoms! Condoms! Condoms!

If he says he can't feel anything with a condom, hit him with a stick!

Condoms aren't completely safe. My friend was wearing one once and he got hit by a bus.

Friends are like condoms. They protect you when things get hard.

I can't wait to see you wearing nothing but a condom.

The Condom POD is out in the Phoenix LGBTQ Community:


The Mission:

FREE Condoms and Lube….and Demos!

Just kidding – about the demos, anyway!


Keep it WET!

Lube helps to prevent condoms from breaking, prevents tearing inside your back-door, and makes sex #HellaFun.


Don’t get tongue tied.

Try HOT ways to put on a condom

Whether you’re the one wearing the condom or helping to put one on – make it a show! Let him watch you slowly roll it down your perky hot soldier, or learn how to cheek one like this hottie!

Let 'em know before you hook up

You may not be “into endless messages”, but toss your prevention business in your profile and dedicate at least one message to set your limits before hooking up. If he’s into “PrEP & Bareback” – and that’s not your jam, chatting it up before you meet may help ease those already-awkward-anal-moments!

Stock up for what you're into

If you’re a top – find the condom that fits like a glove, and stock up! If you’re a bottom, fill your nightstand with condoms for your FWB or the types of guys who come your way. If you’ve got a thing for geeks – grab some glow-in-the-dark condoms and make his force your very own lightsaber. But if you’re a hard-core vegetarian, stock up on the XL’s to wrap his eggplant. If you’re vers – a little for you, a little for him. Keep ’em wherever you hook up – except in a car during the summer in Phoenix.  You probably shouldn’t be having sex in a hot car during the summer in Phoenix – and you definitely shouldn’t be storing your condoms there!

"They make me limp", "Breed Me", "I can't feel anything", etc.

We don’t know why you’re into condoms and he isn’t. But if condoms are the way you’ve chosen prevent the spread of HIV and he’s just not havin it,  you may need to switch gears to showcase your sexy-massage, circle jerk, and oral-skill-amazingness. And if you’re still not seeing eye-to-eye, check your apps – a different Mr Right may only be 1,000 feet away. You’ve taken the time to decide what’s going to work for you – so stand your ground!

Put it in your Profile!

If you’re hooking up on apps – it’s easy to pop your preferences in your profile. Let ’em know what makes your toes-curl, and that you’re into condoms. If you’re meeting in person, instead of asking if he’s into condoms, just ask if he has any, or let him know that you have some at your place.  However you do it, we know that conversation can sometimes suck, but he may be just as relieved as you that you brought it up!  And doing it before you’re both hard and ready can keep the conversation from going…limp.

QUICK START: How to Use a Condom

Step 1: Inspect

Check for any rips, tears or holes.

Press the package between your fingers and you should feel a slight air pocket inside.

Check the expiration date.

If the condom is expired or damaged, toss it and grab a new one!

Step 2: Prepare

Carefully open and remove the condom from the wrapper.

Pinch the reservoir tip to remove the air.

Place it on the head of the dick. If uncut, pull back the foreskin.

Don’t use your teeth to open the wrapper – they can nick the condom.

Step 3: Roll-It

Roll the condom all the way down to the base.

Get to it!!!

Lots of lube can prevent condom breakage! Only use water-based or silicone based lube – never oil or petroleum. 

Step 4: Tie It

After you shoot, hold the base, pull out, and slowly remove the condom away from your partner’s hole.

Tie it off and toss in the trash.

Be mindful of plumbing and pets! Don’t flush, and if you have a curious pup, toss in a trash can that the dog can’t get into.  

Test Your Knowledge!

More Condom Choices!

Take this month’s Condom POD Ripple-Quiz!  Click the link at the end of the quiz to be entered into our weekly drawing for a FREE RipplePHX T-shirt and bottle of ONE’s Premium Lube!  


Also known as the “Female Condom”, “FC2”, or “The Bottom Condom”.

Can be used vaginally or anally (remove the internal ring).

Find the FC2 near you.

Learn how it works – both vaginal or anal (video). 


Also known as “Dental Dams” and “Capes”.

An oral barrier between mouth and anus or vagina. 

How to use a dental dam (video).

Create your own Dental Dams (video).