You can now get a Life Insurance Policy if you are living with HIV – but it’s not always cheap and you have to go through some hoops – but you can make it happen and leave something behind for your loved-ones.  A few years ago life insurance wasn’t even an option for those living with HIV. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Be prepared, you may be paying a little more than someone who is not living with HIV
  • Consider your group term life insurance at work – there may not be any medical criteria needed to participate in your work group plan or even if you add additional coverage up to a certain amount.
  • Be aware if you are increasing your life insurance coverage or enrolling at work – you may have to fill out an Evidence of Insurability Form after a certain amount of supplemental coverage (some plans have a maximum amount that allows for no EOI form to be filled out – ask, ask, ask!)
  • You only have to disclose your status if an insurer is specifically asking about your status.
  • Talk to an insurance agent – they know the ins and outs of different plans and may know a policy that’s a perfect match for what you’re looking for.  Or they may be able to help you access multiple policies to help you obtain what you’re looking for.