Have you heard guys say they’re “Undetectable” when they talk about HIV?  When someone is living with HIV, and have been taking daily treatment to maintain an undetectable viral load, it means there is such little virus in the body that it can’t be detected in standard tests, AND there is ZERO RISK for the virus to be passed to another person sexually.  It’s been well studied by thousands of doctors and scientists from around the world and there is global agreement that there is zero risk of transmission with a person living with an undetectable viral load.

This makes treatment more important than ever!  Not only does it prevent the spread of HIV, but an undetectable viral load also means that HIV isn’t impacting the rest of the body too.  This means the person can live a long, normal and healthy life.  But treatment is key!  If you’re living with HIV – get in treatment today!  Contact us at if you don’t have insurance or need assistance getting into treatment.  And if you don’t know your status – get tested!  If you are living with HIV and don’t know it – your health is at-risk, and your risk of transmitting it to partners is exponentially greater.  A little knowledge goes a long way!